thank you to all

the end of an era
After 10 years as "Flora" and another 15 as "Florum" we have decided to bring the exhibition to a close. We have put on some memorable exhibitions celebrating plant life over the years, each one seeming to outdo the previous one. Our most recent exhibition at Goodnestone Park Gardens was a new venture in a different area but we were received with great enthusiasm and the exhibits were much admired. However, the Committee members need a break after years of involvement and sadly, there are no new artists coming forward to take over.

We would like to thank all the talented artists who have contributed their work, given their time and effort and helped to make Florum such a success. Thank you, too, to our faithful buyers, visitors and enthusiasts who proved how well Florum's founder, Elizabeth Smail, understood the irresistible appeal of plant life in all its forms.

roger reynolds sba