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Florum was the inspiration of Elizabeth Smail FLS FSBA. Elizabeth was very much a 'people person' and an experienced botanical artist with many years of teaching experience. These qualities helped her to build up a loyal core of artists, adding new ones each year to an exhibition which became ever more prestigious and keenly anticipated. Her hard work and enthusiasm kept the project running successfully. Since Elizabeth's death in 2012, the Committee have continued the exhibition and remained faithful to her vision.

"Elizabeth's aim was to create a colourful and inspiring mix of works celebrating plant life."

Florum is not a Society or an Open Exhibition. Artists have always been invited and there are some new faces each year. The aim is to have a good mix of styles and prices as Florum is essentially a fund-raising exhibition. Artists with a strong local or national following are often regulars but new talent is also welcome. Artists may be "rested, re-cycled or re-invited" to keep the exhibition looking fresh.

Elizabeth's aim was to create a colourful and inspiring mix of works celebrating plant life. Florum invites some of the UK's most celebrated botanical artists, as well as artists working in freestyle, mixed media, printmaking and jewellery.

The Elizabeth Smail Memorial Award was created in 2012 and will be presented annually. It was decided that this would be for Colour and Composition, cornerstones of Liz's vision for Florum.

2012 Susan Christopher-Coulson
2013 Marianne Cox 
2014 Julie King
2015 Sue J Williams
2016 Jackie Gethin